Walk-In Refrigerator Rental

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Never worry about temperature-sensitive storage again. With Cold Star LLC’s state-of-the-art mobile refrigerated trailers, your on-site temporary refrigeration needs are covered. Our units can be easily converted to a Walk-In Refrigerator Rental providing a cooling solution that is efficient, reliable, and mobile. They are ideal for any event, location, or industry requiring immediate, high-quality refrigeration.

Walk-In Refrigerator Rental Applications

Our mobile refrigerated trailers are not just a cool novelty; they’re an essential asset across a diverse array of industries. As a Walk-In Refrigerator Rental, these units offer unrivaled flexibility and convenience. Here are some of the many ways our trailers can support your operations.


Ensure Business Continuity with Mobile Trailers during Renovations

For restaurants undergoing renovations or dealing with an unexpected equipment breakdown, our mobile trailers serve as a perfect solution to keep your business running smoothly. Maintain the freshness and quality of your ingredients while minimizing any potential disruptions to service.

restaurant walk-in refrigerator rental
temperature-controlled walk-in refrigerator rental

Breweries and Distilleries

Optimal Brewing and Distilling Conditions with our Walk-In Refrigerator Rental

Perfectly maintain your fermentation process with our temperature-controlled trailers. By providing a consistent, chilly environment, our Walk-In Refrigerator Rental ensures optimal brewing and distilling conditions, keeping your production timeline on schedule.

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Medical & Care Facilities

Precise Refrigeration for Sensitive Medical Supplies and Pharmaceuticals

Sensitive medical supplies and pharmaceuticals need precise refrigeration. Our mobile units are fully equipped to support hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in maintaining the integrity of these critical products, even during power outages or relocations.

medical refrigerator rental
rent walk-in refrigerator

Events & Festivals

Mobile Trailers for On-Site Temperature Control

Serve food and beverages at the perfect temperature during outdoor events and festivals. Our mobile refrigerated trailers provide convenient on-site storage, ensuring that perishables stay fresh and drinks stay chilled for the duration of your event.

Construction & Remodeling

Walk-In Refrigerator Rental for Renovation Needs

If you’re renovating your kitchen or workspace and need temporary refrigeration, our trailers provide the perfect solution. Keep your items cold and safe without affecting your project timeline with our Walk-In Refrigerator Rental.

temporary refrigeration solution
industrial refrigerator rental

Schools & Government

Versatile Solutions for Operations of Any Scale

Ensure that student lunches and government-run food services stay fresh with our versatile cooling solutions. No matter the size of your operation, our mobile refrigerated trailers provide the reliable, on-site cooling you need.

Agriculture and Farming

Mobile Cooling Solutions for Peak Seasons

Secure the freshness of your harvest during peak seasons with our mobile cooling solutions. Perfect for storing fruits, vegetables, and other perishable goods straight from the field, preserving their quality until they reach the market.

mobile refrigerator rental
emergency refrigerator rental

Outdoor & Sporting Events

Mobile Refrigerated Units for Players, Staff, and Spectators

Provide refreshments for players, staff, and spectators at sporting events. With our mobile refrigerated units, you can easily store and serve cold drinks and snacks, enhancing everyone’s experience.

Experience the Cold Star LLC difference today. With a range of units available for your specific needs, we make refrigeration easy, wherever you need it, whenever you need it. Don’t compromise on your cooling needs; trust the experts in Walk-In Refrigerator Rental. Your cooling solution is just a click away.