Temporary Refrigerated Storage Solutions

Serving the Dallas – Fort Worth Metro Area

When it comes to balancing storage needs with convenience, there’s a superior solution: Cold Star LLC’s on-site Refrigerated Trailer Rentals. Forget offsite cold storage and its accompanying hassles. We bring affordable, convenient, and easy-to-access Temporary Refrigerated Storage right to your doorstep, fitting comfortably within a standard parking space.

Temporary Refrigerated Storage Applications

Our trailers provide an array of industries with easy access to extra cold storage right at their location, minimizing disruption and enhancing efficiency. Explore the many ways our on-site Temporary Refrigerated Storage can revolutionize your operations.

Restaurants & Catering

Flexibility for catering events and venues

Keep ingredients and prepared dishes fresh without the inconvenience of offsite storage. Our trailers allow you to store and access your culinary creations at your own venue as needed.

temporary refrigeration for restaurants
temporary refrigeration for medicine

Pharmaceutical Industry

Maintaining optimal temperature conditions

Never compromise the safety and effectiveness of critical medications. Our trailers provide a temperature-controlled environment right at your facility, eliminating the need for offsite storage.

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Grocery & Retail

Easy setup and integration with existing facilities

Increase your storage capacity during high-demand periods or seasonal sales without the hassle of offsite storage. Our trailers keep your goods fresh and easily accessible, right in your parking lot.

temporary refrigerated storage for grocery store
temporary refrigeration for farming


Flexible storage capacity for varying harvest volumes

Maintain the freshness of your harvest with our on-site refrigerated trailers. No need to transport produce to an offsite location – our units provide convenient access to your goods right on your land.

Events & Functions

Ensuring freshness and quality of food and beverages

Ensure guests enjoy fresh food and chilled beverages at your event. Our trailers make on-the-spot storage and access to perishables and refreshments a breeze.


Easy integration with your brewing site setup

Preserve the quality of your brew in the ideal temperature-controlled environment our trailers provide. No more offsite storage; simply access your batches as needed, right from your brewing site.

Construction & Renovation

Convenient placement within project site

Keep your project running smoothly with our on-site trailers. They provide an immediate solution for cold storage needs, fitting easily within your site and keeping materials conveniently accessible.

refrigerated storage during renovation

Optimize your cold storage strategy with Cold Star LLC’s Temporary Refrigerated Storage solutions. Enjoy the convenience of on-site, easy-to-access storage that fits your budget. Experience the seamless integration of our cooling solutions into your operations.