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Are you considering a refrigerated truck rental for your temporary cooling needs? Think again! Cold Star LLC introduces you to the ultimate solution in affordable, convenient, and compact cold storage: our on-site Refrigerated Trailer Rentals. Delivered and set up at your desired location, our trailers offer all the benefits of a refrigerated truck, with added convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Refrigerated Truck Alternatives Rental Applications

Are you wondering, what can I use besides a refrigerated truck for my cold storage needs? If you’re considering refrigerated truck rentals, our trailers can serve your needs more efficiently and flexibly. Explore the wide range of uses that make our trailers the superior choice for your cold storage demands.

Restaurants & Catering

Benefits of Opting for Trailers Instead of Refrigerated Trucks

Don’t let the size of a refrigerated truck overwhelm your operation or parking lot. Opt for our trailers, offering just the right amount of space to store your fresh ingredients and prepared dishes at your venue.

refrigerated truck vs trailer rental
pharmaceutical refrigerated trailer

Pharmaceutical Industry

Flexibility and Accessibility: On-Site Storage for Convenient Access

Keeping critical medications safe doesn’t need a massive refrigerated truck. Our compact, on-site trailers offer the temperature control you require without the cost and footprint of a full-sized truck.

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Grocery & Retail

Simplifying Retail Operations with Manageable Trailers

Navigating a retail lot with a large refrigerated truck can be a challenge. Choose our trailers for an easily manageable, cost-effective solution to your excess stock and seasonal sale needs.

refrigerated truck for grocery store
mobile refrigerator rental


Protect the Freshness of Your Harvest

During harvest time, parking a refrigerated truck on your land isn’t always feasible. Our trailers offer a smaller, more efficient alternative for preserving your produce’s freshness.

Events & Functions

A Hassle-Free Solution for Fresh Food and Chilled Drinks

Avoid the hassle of coordinating a large refrigerated truck at your event. Our trailers provide the ideal solution for keeping your food fresh and drinks chilled at any location.

emergency refrigerated trailer rental
temperature-controlled refrigerated trailer


Benefits of Compact Trailers over Bulky Refrigerated Trucks for Brewing

Your brew requires a carefully controlled environment, not a bulky refrigerated truck. Maintain the ideal brewing conditions in our compact, on-site trailers.

Construction & Renovation

Minimizing Downtime with On-Site Trailers

Don’t let a big refrigerated truck interrupt your renovation or construction site. Our trailers fit easily within your site, offering a temporary cold storage solution without hindering your operations.

rent refrigerated trailer for construction site

Rethink your cooling strategy with Cold Star LLC’s Refrigerated Trailer Rentals. Why settle for a costly, cumbersome refrigerated truck rental when a compact, affordable, and efficient alternative awaits? Enjoy the superior convenience and functionality of our cooling solutions.