Refrigerated Trailer Rentals

Cooling the Dallas – Fort Worth Metro Area

Keep your temperature-sensitive goods safe and secure without the hassle of ice chests or oversized (and priced) refrigerated trucks. Cold Star LLC proudly provides unparalleled on-site Refrigerated Trailer Rentals. Our trailers, delivered and installed at your location, offer robust, reliable, and consistent cooling solutions for a wide array of needs.

On-site Refrigerated Trailer Rental Applications

Our Refrigerated Trailer Rentals, with their easy installation and dependable operation, are transforming how industries handle their cooling needs. Discover the multitude of ways you can utilize our trailers for your specific requirements.

Restaurants & Catering

Versatile Cooling for Restaurants and Catering

Maintain the freshness and quality of your cuisine with our refrigerated trailers. They serve as an excellent extension to your existing cold storage, ensuring you never run out of space during peak times or events.

refrigerated trailer rental for restaurant
pharmaceutical refrigerated trailer

Pharmaceutical Industry

Maintaining the Integrity of Critical Pharmaceuticals

When handling sensitive medical supplies and medications, our on-site refrigerated trailers provide the controlled environment necessary for safe storage. You can depend on us to help maintain the integrity of your critical pharmaceuticals.

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Grocery & Retail

Customized Solutions for Unique Inventory Management Needs

Experiencing a storage crunch during high-demand periods or seasonal sales? Our on-site refrigerated trailers offer the additional capacity you need to manage excess inventory and keep goods fresh.

temporary refrigerated storage for grocery store
farm to market refrigerated trailer


Efficient and Secure Transport from Farm to Market

Preserve the quality of your harvest during peak seasons with our on-site cooling solution. Our refrigerated trailers provide a secure and controlled environment, helping you manage your yields effectively from farm to market.

Events & Functions

Convenient and Efficient Cooling Solutions for Events of Any Size

Ensure your guests enjoy fresh food and chilled beverages at any event. Our on-site refrigerated trailers provide convenient and efficient cooling solutions, enhancing the quality of your catering.

emergency refrigerated trailer rental
temperature-controlled refrigerated trailer


Consistent and Reliable Temperature Control for Fermentation

Craft your brews in an optimal, temperature-controlled environment. Our on-site refrigerated trailers offer a perfect space for maintaining ideal brewing conditions, making sure your beer is a success every time.

Construction & Renovation

Preserving Product Quality and Safety during Transitional Periods

Need temporary cold storage while renovating or repairing your existing facilities? Our trailers offer an immediate, on-site solution, helping your operations continue seamlessly.

rent refrigerated trailer for construction site

Explore the world of on-site cooling convenience with Cold Star LLC’s Refrigerated Trailer Rentals. Trust in our superior, reliable, and efficient cooling solutions to meet your unique needs. Experience the difference that expert cooling solutions can make.