Why is My Walk-in Cooler Not Cooling?

A walk-in cooler can be essential to your business or event, providing consistent cold storage when you most need it. So why is my walk-in cooler not cooling sufficiently? A lack of airflow from too many stored items could be the cause. Make sure overstocking hasn’t obstructed the air vents that provide cool air.

Use the walk-in cooler chilling issues troubleshooting guide below to quickly restore the cold temperatures you need.

Why Is My Walk-In Cooler Not Cooling? These Are 5 Possible Reasons

Why is my walk-in cooler not cooling and how can I fix it? Sometimes a simple adjustment can solve the problem, while other instances call for a professional repair. We’ll list the most common reasons for cooling issues and how to best resolve them.

#1: Incorrect Temperature Settings

If you find your walk-in cooler not holding temperature, first check the temperature control settings to make sure they’re correct. It’s possible they may have been changed accidentally or not set properly when the unit was installed.

If you correct the temperature and your cooler is still not cooling properly, the thermometer may have failed. When this occurs, it won’t provide an accurate temperature reading to generate more cool air when needed. A failed thermometer requires professional replacement.

#2: Limited Airflow 

An overstocked unit can limit the airflow that’s essential to cooling. If too many items are stocked too tightly, air can’t circulate between them and the cooler must work harder to maintain its temperature.

Similarly, if items obstruct the air vents or the exterior vents are blocked by a wall, airflow will be limited. Cool air won’t enter while warm air can’t exit, raising the cooler’s temperature.

Here’s how to improve airflow when you notice your walk-in cooler not working correctly:

  • Make sure the unit isn’t overstocked and that there is adequate space between each item.
  • Check the internal air vents to ensure they’re not blocked by stored items.
  • Place the cooler away from any structures that can limit airflow around it. Avoid placing it against a wall or up against another unit.

#3: Faulty Door Gaskets

Wondering why is my walk-in cooler not cooling even with a functioning thermometer and proper storage? A faulty door gasket could be the problem.

The rubber seal around the doors keeps cool air contained and stops warm air from entering. If the gasket is old or damaged, cool air will escape and warm air will enter, increasing the internal temperature.

If the door gasket isn’t providing a proper seal, it needs professional replacement.

walk-in cooler not holding temperature
Photo Credit: Tri Point Refrigeration, Inc.

#4: Dirty Condenser Coils

Dirty condenser coils can also make your walk-in cooler not cold enough. If coils are coated in dust and dirt, they can’t release heat, making it harder for the cooler to maintain its temperature.

Condenser coil cleanings should be a regular part of cooler maintenance. Make sure you schedule a professional cleaning every 6 months to keep the coils functioning properly.

#5: Malfunctioning Condenser or Evaporator Fans

If you’re still wondering why is my walk-in cooler not cooling after these troubleshooting tips, the condenser or evaporator fans may be malfunctioning. The condenser fan helps cool the condenser and its coils, while the evaporator fan blows cool air into the cooler.

In some instances, either fan may be obstructed, limiting its ability to rotate properly. A professional service can remove the obstruction to restore function. If there are no obstructions, the fan motor or the entire fan assembly requires professional replacement.

If you need emergency cold storage, time is essential to restoring your cooler’s temperature. Our trusted colleagues at Cold Pro Refrigeration or A1 Dallas Commercial Refrigeration Repair can handle any repair!

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