Temporary Cold Storage For Outdoor & Sporting Events

Planning or managing an outdoor or sporting event in the vibrant Dallas-Fort Worth area?

Cold Star LLC is your go-to for reliable and efficient temporary cold storage solutions. Our fleet of refrigerated trailers is designed to keep your beverages cold, food fresh, and athletes hydrated during events ranging from tailgate parties at AT&T Stadium to outdoor festivals in Klyde Warren Park.

cold storage for outdoor & sporting events

flexible sizes & features

3-Day Minimum | delivery & pick up in DFW Metro

We offer refrigerated trailers in various sizes – 6′ x 10′, 7′ x 12′, and 6′ x 16′ – to accommodate different storage needs. Our trailers can fit in a standard parking space and connect to a regular electrical outlet. Operating our trailers requires no special skills, and anyone on your team can easily monitor the unit.

Runs on Home Outlet or Generator

Use As a Freezer or Refrigerator

350 and 565 Cubic Feet of Storage Space

Fits in a Parking Spot

Exterior Lock

Interior Light

We Provide Cords

We Deliver and Pick Up

Outdoor & Sporting Events Applications

Our refrigerated trailers are built to cater to the unique needs of outdoor and sporting events.

Whether you’re coordinating a music festival, a marathon, or a major sporting event, our temporary cold storage solutions are ready to serve.

Tailgating at AT&T Stadium or the Globe Life Field is a beloved tradition. Our trailers can provide the necessary cold storage to keep your food and beverages chilled, ensuring a memorable pre-game experience.

During marathons or sporting events, it's crucial to keep refreshments cold for athletes and spectators alike. Our trailers can store large quantities of water and sports drinks, ensuring participants stay hydrated.

At outdoor concerts and music festivals, our refrigerated trailers can provide the necessary cold storage for catering services, ensuring high-quality meals and chilled beverages for attendees and performers.

At outdoor trade shows and exhibitions, vendors often require temporary cold storage for their products. Our trailers can meet these needs, ensuring the success of the event.

secure and affordable

The safety of your supplies is our top priority.

Your items are safe in our trailers, equipped with advanced locks for the doors, wheels, and tongue.

Despite these features, our temporary cold storage solutions for outdoor and sporting events are more cost-effective than large refrigerated trucks, providing a reliable solution that fits your budget.

convenient and user friendly

Our refrigerated trailers are designed for convenience.

Our refrigerated trailers are designed for convenience. They are compact enough to fit in a standard parking space, eliminating the need for additional space. Plus, they hook up to a standard electric outlet, ensuring easy and hassle-free setup.

You don’t need any special skills to operate our trailers – anyone on your team can monitor and manage the unit.

high-quality cold storage

Our fleet is built and tested for tough conditions.

Cold Star LLC is committed to providing exceptional temporary cold storage solutions for outdoor and sporting events in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Contact us today to secure your cold storage needs and ensure the success of your event.