walk-in cooler not cold

Why is My Walk-in Cooler Not Cooling?

🚨Having issues with your walk-in cooler?🥶 Before hitting the panic button, consider these common causes:
1️⃣ Incorrect temperature settings
2️⃣ Blocked airflow due to overstocking or blocked vents
3️⃣ Worn out door gaskets
4️⃣ Dirty condenser coils
5️⃣ Malfunctioning fans

Sometimes, a simple adjustment might do the trick! 🔧 Check out our latest blog for a step-by-step troubleshooting guide 📖

Don’t let your business suffer due to cooling woes. Stay cool and informed! ❄️ #WalkInCooler #CoolingTips #TroubleshootingGuide

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